Lionel Messi the Incredible taking Barcelona to La Liga Glory


Lionel Messi the Incredible taking Barcelona to La Liga Glory. Barcelona are undefeated in La Liga this season with 27 games and are very close to Liga title. Thanks to Messi’s fantastic free-kick against Athletico Madrid.


Lionel Messi ruin Diego Simeone’s defensive plans from a set piece

Lionel Messi stepped up and fire home for the third time in a row and ruin Simeone’s all defensive plans. There is no way to stop Mr. Awesome free-kick taker – there is no way to this Blaugrana side either.

The beauty of this match was Messi’s free kick. Four times Golden Boot winner curled the ball up and over the wall and into Jan Oblak’s far-left corner. There was nothing the Slovenian goalkeeper could do.

When it comes to free kick that maybe Messi’s favorite spot to put the ball into the net.His free kicks were even more unpredictable against Girona last weekend and against Las Palmas on Thursday when he hit the top corner of left side.

This awesome free-kick goal was Messi’s 600th goal for club and country of his incredible career. Rojibloncos came at Camp Nou with five points behind Blaugrana for claiming Liga title and a win would have given Athleti a real hope of becoming Spanish Champions, But Barcelona dominant the game with possessions and created many dangerous goal opportunities with Messi’s monster mode.

Barcelona have a lead of 8 points with 11 fixture remaining Blaugrana and are now surely have a control on Primera Division also a win over Athletico Madrid was significant step towards the title.